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Dr. Zoldan will be adding content to this website as time goes on. I hope you will find it interesting.

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I am now retired from the practice of clinical medicine.
Practicing medicine has been a great career.
I am grateful that I have been able to help people who have chronic fatigue and other medical problems.
I will continue to add content on this website for those who want to learn more about what I do.
I am also writing a book on treating people with chronic symptoms like fatigue, cognitive impairment, pain and other problems that do not lend themselves to a defined diagnosis and treatment.
When this is complete, it will be announced on this website.
Hopefully, other projects I hope to do will also appear here.
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Thank you
Jack Zoldan, M.D.

Free yourself from the routine of the aging process. Take control of your life. There are many things you can do to live a life of vigor. Maintain physical and emotional well-being by learning a healthy life plan now.

Just as you plan for your family, your career, your relaxation and vacation time, and your retirement, you can plan to have good health throughout. But it won’t happen without the know-how.

Don't wait for your personal market of health to drop. Get in now and reach for the stars - reach for lifelong fitness and vigor!

Dr. Zoldan combines traditional medical diagnoses and therapy with healthy lifestyle education and advice to solve problems and maintain wellness.

  I am beginning to update this website with a large amount of information. Discussions of how to become healthier and maintain your health are going to be added with great detail. Practical advice will be included in great detail. Because life's narrative is also important for any endeavor, I will also discuss my attitudes about why many health practices are important. These informative articles that I am writing are the same discussions I teach in the office. The place to look for these is from the "Patient Care" page of this website.

Healthy Living:
A few minutes a day of exercise can help you feel better now.
Simple dietary changes can give you more energy and even reduce dependence on medication.
Learn how to be healthy.
Dr. Andrew Skolarz has possession of all the medical records from my practice and requests may be sent to him at:
7447 W. Talcott Ave., Suite 366, Chicago, IL 60631

Please send correspondence to me at:
Jack Zoldan, MD, Ltd. P.O. Box 912, Wilmette, IL 60091
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